Person 1: Elon Musk Person 2: Beyoncé
Hey Beyoncé, have you ever used a tax rate calculator before? No, I usually leave that to my team of small business accountants.
Speaking of business, have you signed your latest book publishing agreement yet? Yes, I did! I made sure to have a clear business agreement copy for that one.
So, I’ve been thinking of setting up a pet skunk enclosure at my place. Do you know if they’re legal in Tennessee? I’m not sure, you might want to look into the rule of law regarding exotic pets in different states.
Interesting! By the way, I heard you’re considering a reverse takeover for one of your ventures. What are your thoughts on that? I’ve been weighing the aim rules for that, and it seems like a viable option.
Well, it was great catching up with you, Beyoncé. Let’s chat again soon! Definitely, Elon. Take care!