Yo, yo, listen up, I got some info to share
About the legal world, I bet you didn’t know was there
From the Keele University entry requirements
To the Hazelton Law Firm in Bemidji, MN
I’m here to break it down, so get ready for some gain

You know, every state’s got its own set of laws and rules
Like the legal knife blade length by state, you don’t wanna be a fool
Clark County, WA’s got some ADU rules for rural properties
And if you’re in a business, you better have a partnership agreement ready to carry

If you’re thinking ‘bout marriage, don’t forget the law
In Oklahoma, there’s a legal age to marry and you best not ignore
And if you’re lucky at the tables and you win a bet
There’s tax responsibilities that you shouldn’t forget

Even the city’s got its own set of laws to obey
Chicago Park District contracts will make you stay
And what about the rule of law, it’s got a history and a definition
You better know it well or face the consequences of your own admission

Arizona’s emergency vehicles got their own set of laws
You better follow them or face all the flaws
This mysterious world of legalities and regulations
Will have you follow them all, with no reservations